What Are the Types of Collar Shirts and Blouses

What Are the Types of Collar Shirts and Blouses

What are the types of crew neck t-shirts and blouses that you know of? It may seem just a whim to be aware of this issue, but knowing them can help you better choose your clothes and know what harmonizes with your body type.

What Are the Types of Collar Shirts and Blouses

Yes, as well as the collars of shirts can help highlight your face, the collars of t-shirts, sweaters and the like influence the way people see your body!

What are the types of collar shirts and blouses

The collar is found commonly on t-shirts, knitted sweaters men’s zephyr [cloth, and the like, she finish gives the piece of clothing in the height of the neck, and allows it to be dressed without the need for buttons on the front, as in the shirts.

We have 6 the most common types, but each one of them with a format and features different that may or may not you qualify, see below:

1 – Types of Collar – Collar bald or round collar

Is the collar more common on t-shirts, making the outline of the base of the neck with perfection. Has elasticity to allow it pass the head, since it is more closed than the V neck collar and the canoe. You can be thin, common, or thick with larger expansion capacity.

Where you will find: t-shirts, zephyr [cloth, rectilinear, sweaters, cotton sweatshirts.

Best for: men, tall and lean, although not come to harm significantly the other biotypes.


2 – Types of collar – V neck Collar

With finish is usually thinner (not a rule), she has more space to pass the head, just do not have so much need of elasticity, with the drawing on the V moving up to the chest. The size of the V can vary, although it is of general consensus that the neck very large (V-neck hollowed out) it sacrifices the elegance and tends to exaggeration.

Where you will find: t-shirts, zephyr [cloth, rectilinear, sweaters, cotton sweatshirts.

Best for: give emphasis to the region of the chest in men full-bodied, elongate the neck and, consequently, the silhouette in the shorties, or chubby, or whatever, is very democratic!


3 – Types of collar – Collar canoe

It is easy to recognize the collar canoe if you know what is a blouse breton because she is the registered trademark of this type of piece, if you don’t know what it is, take a look at this text.

The name of this type of collar already indicates its shape, with the middle wider, decreasing to the extremities, such as an oval picket or a canoe seen from above.

The finish can be more fancy or just a simple cut the wire in the fabric so that your appearance is very casual and stripped.

Where you will find: t-shirts, zephyr [cloth, rectilinear, sweaters, cotton sweatshirts.

Best for: men with shoulders well drawn or muscular, although there is no impediment for any another biotype, just avoid those that advance other to the tip of the shoulders.


4 – Types-of – neck turtlenecks (or rulê)

Much appreciated on cold countries, it has not found much public among brazilian men, partly, and mainly, because of our hot climate.

The collar rulê, known for obvious reasons as a turtleneck in the English-speaking countries, covers the neck up to the height of the chin, bending down, until you return to the base of the neck, creating a second layer of fabric.

Where you will find: long-sleeve shirts, zephyr [cloth, rectilinear, blouses of cotton.

Best for: those who have slender neck and/or long. who has short stature can use, provided that you use a combination of colors or prints that lengthens the silhouette.

Worst for: those who have the double chin large, those who are very overweight, or people with a face very round.


5 – Types-of-neck – U-Neck

Are the collars used on t-shirts more open, such as the type regattas. The format really looks like a letter “U” that extends below where he would finish the collar bald and comes up more or less half of the chest.

Where you will find: almost mandatory in races.

Best for: muscular men, but the truth is that when the heat beat on the beach all over the world will use one of these.


6 – Types of collar – the Collar is wide or oversized

Nothing more than a collar bald spot that was enlarged. You can give the impression of slouch, so it’s good to use it with care and match it with pieces that don’t abuse the effect of “destroyed”. Often the finish is simple and without elastic material, in the other it is a collar normal that was purposely esgarçada to show more of the chest.

Where you will find: t-shirts, sweatshirts.

Best for: men with chest muscular.

Worst for: anyone who is very slim, since it highlights this feature.


7 – Types of collar – Collar Fisherman/Shawl

Own the meshes used by the fishermen of the north of Europe, it is almost a lapel that sits high on the part of the neck and down the fall to the sides forming a V in the chest (some are shorter) where one side overlaps the other, giving a beautiful finish.

Where you will find: zephyr [cloth and rectilinear.

Best for: any kind of man, since the format of V that it helps to lengthen the neck, without, however, harming those who is very high.


8 – Types of collar – Collar Henley/Portuguese

The shirt henley is perhaps the only piece with the buttons to appear on this list, but your neck deserves to be identified as a single model, blending a collar, bald, with a slit in the center of the chest that can be buttoned.

Where you will find: shirts, henley, sweatshirts and blouses of cotton.

Best for: any kind of man, as the possibility of opening or closing your buttons makes it very versatile.


Notes from the author:

There are those who say that the polo has a collar, but in my opinion there is more to a collar, only less hard than we are used to.

The format shawl can also be found on the lapels, as is the case with the lapel of the blazer, the tuxedo.

The tips according to the type of the body are only a suggestion and may change according to the way you combine the clothes. A t-shirt v neck collar can have its effect reduced if you make outfits la overlapped by a shirt, for example.