Sales 2014: Blouses That We Suggest in Spring

I always say in sales there to buy head. Some caprichito can drop, but the ideal is to buy clothing that need or that are going ourselves to putting too much. One of these items is a blouse, ideal to also look in spring.

Basic blouses

The variety of proposals on blouses models is immense. The basic always do not fail. White blouse or blouse black, perfect to go to work and also to get a look at night. Everything depends on how combines it it and accessories. Both colors are a must have that all should have because we can get out of many troubles.

  • Blouse Mango White 17,99 EUR
  • Blouse jacquard Mango White 19.99 EUR
  • Black blouse SuiteBlanco 12,99 EUR

Color blouses

The designs with loop next spring will remain underway. Models of bright colors that we announce the season summer and full of energy. Now you can wear them with an American

  • Bodice with lacing Pains promise 64,95 EUR
  • Cover bodice of Zara 19.99 EUR

The pastel colors they are still setting trends. Let’s say are some essential summer period they feel great when we are somewhat tanned. They are now perfect proposals to give a touch of color to our outfits and face to the spring can wear them alone in feminine and flirty outfits.

  • Blouse Mango Lisa rose 9.99 euros
  • Pink blouse of Poete 55,90 EUR

Printed models

Floral print and details on clothes never go out of fashion and more in the spring. The case of the crosses are in fashion, and although I do not like me, for the more casual looks are very well.

Flower blouse Zara 19.99 euros blouse with crosses of EAT 15,90 EUR

Cowboy shirts

A denim shirt It is what we call wardrobe. The it girls wear them all the time and many os rendís to their encantantos. Versions different but always fashionable. You can combine it with short, skirt, pants and even on the top of a dress. Take advantage of rebates to get one.

TV cabinet Cowgirl shirt 12,99 EUR