Remove The Blouse to Grandma

I’m a fan of the grandmother blouses, especially when I see them how you have gained ground in events like the Sonar or the more modern sites of the city. Very fan. Of course child I saw my grandmother and associating them to something else. Now I see them in the older ladies and I think that could be the new it-girls, penalty that is not talent scouts, would make them an offer.

See to Miranda Kerr and think again of those tops that are beautiful to see but hard to choose in a shop. How many have you opted for a garment so a basic, a simple pattern or something more restrained? The percentage is reduced. Normal. First strip back.

The good news comes at the risk. A garment so glad one set any, provides a different accent and striking. This pro’s against since a garment so on the third day of use all over the world can think that you always go with the same.

In the case of Miranda Kerr there is no excess of flowers since that it was decided to combine the blouse of the grandmother with high-waisted shorts very own Pajamas in that they change of tonality with the upper garment, but keeps the style.

The importance of these blouses is look them with conviction and transmit class. True that our grandmothers may have them and can wear them as well, but at least mine does not dare to tie such pledge from the top as Eva Mendes intending to join the fashion of the belly button. A detail of style which changes the garment and how it looks. It goes from being grandmother to be young.

In Urban Outfitters you will find different models well suited to this fine line of modernity and abuelismo we live today. A sleeveless blouse with navel to the air of Sparkle & Fade for 20 euros and a Hawaiian of Pins & Needles for 19 euros.

In ASOs There are also a wide range as these three examples:

  • Blouse patterned swans of ASOs by 47,51 EUR.
  • Floral print of River Island 27,15 euros.
  • Elephant print by Paul and Joe Sister per 196,84 EUR.