How to Wear Shirts Sexier

How to Wear Shirts Sexier

One way to give it a more daring and spicy air is not to buckle them up, but to leave your neckline in sight.

How to Wear Shirts Sexier

Some years ago, the shirts were a garment exclusively of men. Interestingly, as we know it today dates from the early twentieth century, although at the end of the nineteenth was already recorded in England the first buttoned shirt, so we are facing a fairly recent pledge.

Given the living conditions of those years (late nineteenth century), white shirts or light tones were a sign of distinction, since only aristocrats and people of good standing could wash it often and keep it clean. Despite being a rather masculine garment, the designers have been giving shape to this garment, making it a basic for any woman when it comes to dressing.

Sexy shirts a current trend

If you have a while, organize your closet and rescue all those shirts you have. Among the 2013 trends, you find them sexy, always without losing that note of elegance that characterizes them so much. Any of your shirts can be tied at the bottom, at the height of the navel, and combined with jeans. This way of putting on a shirt is quite sexy, especially if you leave a little of your belly in sight. Perfect for this are plaid shirts, jeans or silk.

Another way to give it a more daring and spicy air is not to fasten them up to the top, but to make it to the height of the chest, leaving your neckline in sight. If you think you have little chest you can always wear a push-up bra, which will lift it and leave it ready so you can boast that part of your anatomy.

Victoria’s Secret, an example of sensuality

The trends according to Victoria’s Secret in any type of garment are always clear: femininity to the maximum. The American company delights us in their collections with sexy and daring clothes, which highlights the beauty of the woman in each of her clothes.

Basically, in regards to shirts, their designs are warm colors, and always very elegant prints. Also silk and transparencies are very present in their collections, as well as tight blouses that leave the shoulders exposed. Of course, the Ibiza shirts, very appropriate for this time, never fail.

Nor, blouses with lace, perfect for partying or on a special occasion. But if you want to wear your shirt as sexy as possible, Miranda Kerr, one of his muses, once wore a basic gray knotted, unbuttoned and showing a beautiful fuchsia lace top most daring.