How to Create 13 Looks with One Blouse 1

How to Create 13 Looks with One Blouse?

My dear readers and readers,

How to Create 13 Looks with One Blouse 1

I am now a look to imagine, which has been a quite a challenge for me personally.


13 bloggers get the same blouse and to one and the same blouse there different Dressups ideally 13 – hola!

Imagine that you stood before this task… How would you proceed?

My first idea was completely different to ‘dress me’ – athletic, with Jeansshort and Cappy times show a different PA… easy!

STEPHANIE is my witness (she has made: the first pictures of me), it looked ridiculous – it wasn’t just me!

A week later I had a new concept – one that I liked in the head, but the implementation I panicked this typical PA thing, then something… somewhere but especially… it will look good?

ISABELL has only recently reported how it is to see something completely different… then before the mirror and have Yes, exactly the same concern I had something in mind too! “But anyway”, I thought and began to start to brush (I make me always first and dress then. Why? Because I myself always cover with mascara, as soon as I break this rule)…


is very strong and striking, because it is simply not an everyday look.

I have a graphic with a gel eyeliner and a suitable brush shape drawn ‘, with hard edges, which I then filled out with the same utensils.

I have painted the ‘gaps’, which can be seen on the eyelid, in a beautiful shade of mustard colored. You can see which unfortunately not well – on the photos but I assure you that this mustard eyeshadow is something special and I will use it more often!

On the lips I’m wearing a green Illamasqua gloss, which was launched several years ago in the theatre of the nameless collection.

[At the time I was so in love with this collection, could it me but just don’t give me nix treat friends nix – student and so ;)…] A gloss, 17 pounds, more than 20 euros for a gloss that would be! Even shipping costs – and the month would be gone! At some point I saved something then and I made an order with Illamasqua – the gloss and the S.O.P.H.I.E. to buy band. [This is also some many months here: D]

I would have to wear actually (best black) a dark lipstick under the gloss, because on the pictures you can see that the gloss is moving – it small gaps, if one presses the lips each other (what is normal in everyday life). With a regular basis would notice anyone and me less disturbing.. 🙂 Next time I know Fürs!


is the motto of my combination quite obvious!

Something dark, cold and plain… I show leg… what I know like to do… and this time slightly more, although you can not see it at first glance.

The blouse, a dream! Lightweight pleated back part, collar with leather look, with a beautiful! The belt is like super good to the blouse, but the back part is destroyed as a result – therefore images with and without belt 😉

High comfortable shoes? Not really there, but these have a soft sole and the running is very safe… it does not slip and the broad paragraph has my an added sense of security.

From the series, clutch and belt – dance because they are snakes look!

But I like snakes pattern. For me, these parts complete the look!


What do you think? How would you do it?

At the end of the month, will I make a compilation with my favorite looks–perhaps even with all, would you like that?

Your mind write me love in the comments!

Your PA

P.S. Below there is a list with all participants! Look the next time at SONJA (17.08) past 🙂

S · Zizzi what child enough to give 13 bloggers 13 blouses in two colors. We have set ourselves.†a challenge: 1 blouse – 13 looks! This is my combination… what do you think?

Are you interested in a posting at the end of the month, where I’ll show all looks?

PL · Zizzi bylo tak uprzejme, i dalo 13 blogerom 13 bluzek w dwoch kolorach. Postawilismy sobie zadanie: 1 bluzka – 13 zestawow! To jest moja kombinacja co o niej myslisz…? Czy jestes zainteresowanawpisem, w ktorym pokaze pod koniec miesiacy wszystkie kombinacje?