Choose a Blouse

How to Choose a Blouse


Links: a two-button cuffs with vents; right: a three-button cuff with piercing slot.

Choose a Blouse

Collars of blouses can take many different widths – over wide, long and folded cuffs included.

The ideal cuff a classic long sleeve blouse goes with hanging arm to about the center of the palm.

Basically, the wider the cuff, the more cufflinks these have and the more conspicuous the cuff (also vice put collars and cuffs, which are closed with cufflinks) is generally worked, the more visual emphasis on the wrist. And since this area of ​​the body is level with the hips, is also the hip zone with stresses.

Y and H type are well served with flashy collars, A- and X-Type can better steer clear of it. Mega cuffs are a great way to put the outside view points on the body and thus to draw attention away from the midsection for the O type.


As pregnant tops, blouses can have an insertion slot or a roof slot on the sleeve. In an insertion slot just a simple, small stocking is applied, which is sewn turned and folded inwards. The result is a simple slot without overlaps. If vents an expensive stocking is applied, which can also be equipped with a button placket. It is more durable and a sign of higher quality.


A typical blouse or shirt fabric is made of high quality cotton, such as poplin or batiste. If the cotton blended with elastane, results in a particularly pleasant, elastic feel. Moreover blouses in soft, flowing, washed silk or silk chiffon are a feminine statement. The silky feeling can also be prepared by a high-quality viscose.

Avoid blouses, plastics or blends! In this you will sweat more and many substances have an unpleasant odor, which is impossible to remove in the cleaning. Many of these substances tend to be electrically charged and to stick to the body, which makes the appearance of a blouse quickly dashed.

Those were my tips for your ideal blouse. Were you with these 15 questions already developed an idea of ​​your perfect blouse? If you are still looking for the ideal, classic blouse cut for your figure, this tip might be interesting for you:

Business shirt

Over a year even before I became aware of a blouse company from Vienna, which I will be happy to introduce at this point: Sophisticut  offers the classic business blouse in two special sizes. In addition to the normal clothing sizes you can also choose between the long version and the version with a larger bust. For details on the blouse include:

  • Sizes: 34 to 46, with 2 chest widths and 2 lengths selectable
  • Color: white, light blue or black
  • Fabric: 97% cotton Oeko-Tex Standard 100, 3% spandex
  • Collar: pointed and reinforced
  • Buttons: small button distances
  • Cuffs: 2-button cuff, angular, reinforced, with vents
  • Cut: fitted with four waist darts front and back
  • Saumform: straight
  • Price: € 79.00

To blouse by Sophisticut the customer receives this little blouses Troubleshooter.

The Sohpisticut is a solid, made in Europe, waisted Business blouse for women who bervorzugen a classic style, while focus on sustainability. This blouse is very durable and will have a long life.Reinforced collar and cuffs ensure that the blouse stays all day in top condition and retains its shape.

If you are a larger woman and still have problems with too short a Blusensaum or if you have a larger bust and still looking for a blouse that fits your curves, then Sophisticut is definitely worth a try! The price of 79 Euro is fair for the quality that is offered here. You also have a 14-day return policy and therefore buy risk-free.

Now, are you back on the train: Have you found your ideal blouse? And if so, how does it look?

If you want to try the blouse of Sophisticut, then I look forward to your feedback here – an opinion is good, more opinions are better!